marți, 6 noiembrie 2012


About love

Monument to love

Love makes the world to spin. People have fought wars in the name of love, and gave their lives for it considering that no sacrifice is too great and have tried to capture emotions so that the whole world to take part in their joy or pain. Some have painted pictures, others have carved it in marble, others have raised monuments have dedicated a city. In one way or another have changed the face of the world in the name of love and gave us and the new opportunity to admire the power of this feeling.

Monument mausoleum in India (Agra city), considered by some the world's eighth Minuit, esta undoubtedly a monument of eternal love. Built entirely of white marble with this breathtaking beauty. The story behind the mausoleum is a tragic. Emperor Shah Jahan ordered its construction in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal who died during the birth of the fourteenth child of the royal couple. Although it was the third wife of the emperor, with India at that time a polygamous tradition, chronicles say that he was the only one truly loved. Beloved wife's death became withdrawn izolandu king himself for a year. It is said that when he returned to the public was stooped, his hair became white and his face was drawn although it had about 40 years.